We do video production and digital marketing that helps you kick goals. Taking the time to dive into your aspirations, we then focus on how to capture the attention of your target audience. We get the content and aesthetic lining up with your overall strategy to make sure you’re heading for that ROI. Get in touch for a chat today.

The creative industry at large has been our home for over a decade. Between our team we’ve worked with brands including the BBC, Lionsgate, TEDx, MTV, Ironman and many other local businesses from building companies to real estate to digital agencies. 

Get in touch any time, we always enjoy bouncing ideas or having a chat. 

E-mail: hi@electricblue.co.nz
Phone: 03-365-0879

if you’re keen on a back story

Kit & Annemarie moved back to Christchurch from Melbourne in 2016. Kit was working for a fast growing production company and doing plenty of illustration, Anne was managing a brilliant commercial studio in Collingwood and playing lots of gigs. After immersion in the vast creative expanse that is Melbourne, the creative scene in Christchurch seemed fierce but small. 

We knew if we were making the move back here we'd be starting out on our own, so have been making content through Electric Blue ever since.