YouTube Video SEO

It’s well know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, no surprises there given it’s owned by the biggest search engine in the world! Still, plenty of businesses don’t understand how to optimise their videos for YouTube.

With the potential to generate high traffic volumes, and the constant goal of the “viral video”, it’s often overlooked by local businesses who are just trying to get customers in the door. Even with a niche or perceived “boring” industry, there is plenty of potential to gain targeted niche traffic.

In the same way you would research keywords when building a website and creating content, to get great results you should do it when creating and uploading videos too. It is likely that most of your views will come from YouTube suggesting your video to their users, and most channels get 15-25% of their video traffic from YouTube search traffic.

SEO can seem like a rabbit warren of detail, but it’s well worth learning properly or engaging a professional who can do it for you. A good place to start learning is Backlinko, Brian Dean is an absolute whiz and is great at communicating SEO in a straight forward way. Take a look at one of his videos here:

We start each project by asking our clients a series of questions which can probably seem a bit much. However the aim here is to get really clear on who they are trying to target, create the content geared towards them and using the aesthetic they want to see. It helps to confirm the subject matter of the video is appropriate. If YouTube is the most appropriate platform, it also ensures we have the target keywords taken into account before we start.

As always we’re endlessly happy to chat about video product, video SEO and anything digital marketing related - get in touch if you have any questions!