How to Prepare Your Property for Video

Video is becoming more and more important in real estate marketing, we are often asked how best to showcase a property with video, so wanted to provide some insight into how to best prepare. 

1. Bright Lights and Lamps
Video is slightly different to photography, in that it does require more light to achieve a brighter look. Making sure the light bulbs in use are as bright as the fitting allows, and putting in additional lighting such as lamps are great ways to achieve this. If you're on a budget, Mitre 10 and Bunnings are some of our favourite places to nab some tasteful and cost effective options.

2. Tidy and Uncluttered
While this is obvious, it can sometimes be overlooked. Ensuring your property is spic and span, and keeping it uncluttered ensures a spacious feel, a polished look and allows potential buyers to imagine their own spin on the space. Keeping any unnecessary items our of sight eg. taking appliances off bench tops, hiding tissue boxes and tooth brushes all add to this. 

3. Know Your Selling Points
If there are any specific architectural features or selling points you would like to highlight, let your agent and their team know, so they can pass this information on to the videographer (and photographer). This could be a particularly beautiful staircase, designer tap-ware, a landscaped garden, an established tree, close proximity to a local shopping mall etc. 

4. Make the Final Touches
The smaller details can go a long way, simple and tasteful flowers or plants are a great way to bring life to a property!

5. Share the video!
Don't be afraid to click that "share" button to your personal social media channels, you may be surprised at how effective your own circle of contacts can be! 

If you have any questions about preparing your property, or video marketing in general we are always happy to talk. Feel free to contact us on 027 427 9795, or sign up to our mailing list below for insights and updates!