Marketing Happenings

At a Christchurch Marketing Association meet up last week the fab Phillippa from Pinnacle & Co reminded us that very often clients aren’t aware of all the services we as small business owners offer. Of course we’re going to say that video is the BEST way to remind people of what you do via social media, you can cycle the videos for a long time too if the design is done right. But there are cool things you can do outside of video, as long as you’re posting once or twice a week on social media and reminding them in a way that's entertaining, enjoyable, relatable and shareable you can get some great results. 

Like this! My favourite piece of content I've seen this week is this gif by Hello Patch:

Cinemagraphs are also a great way to catch attention and hold your own among the video content people expect, particularly scrolling through mobile feeds. Like this: 




Did I mention we can make both of these? We make these. 

Make our day, give us some marketing to think about! Always up for a chat about marketing, content, strategies and our fav.... video. 

Have a great week, Anne.