Video to be 80% of Internet Traffic by 2021

These words from Cisco aren't that surprising, the amount of video content is steadily growing and apparently over 43% of people want to see even more of it! Mobile news feeds are pretty much made up of video content, and the amount of time spent on Youtube is up by 60% compared to last year.

On top of that, Youtube is a huge search engine becoming more and more important in the SEO world with 55% of all Google search results having at least one video (most of which are from Youtube). Google has even started to blend video into it's image search results.  Take a look at the video at the bottom of this blog post by Backlinko which does a great job of explaining some techniques you can use to rank higher on Youtube and Search Engines. 

Some ways to take advantage of the marketing benefits of video include embedding a video into text based content to boost dwell time (and search engine ranking), hold your own on the mobile news feeds with video or moving image content, and be sure to optimise all of your video content for search engines. 

If you've got ideas but aren't sure how to execute them, we're always happy to bounce ideas or help from the planning stage. This involves researching what the best keywords are for you to aim your video at, how to address customer needs in your industry in an engaging way, and then tailoring the imagery and tone of the video to speak to that.  Get in touch any time: